Tips & Tricks


Types of installs:
1. All sew
2. Elastic band (alone)
3. Glue
4. Tape

-First time, use elastic band until you perfect method.
-Bleach knots to get rid of black dots
-Will lift if don’t use band, glue or tape for newbies
-Tweeze BEHIND hair line to create baby hair (dont cut hair close to frontal edge to try to make baby hair)
-if your going to put frontal behind hairline, you must still find a way to prevent lifting (like sewing all the way around the front of the frontal*this could prevent you from being able to have a natural looking part tho* or using something sticky like Got2B glued to keep it down)

Tips to install-

Elastic band or Sew-DO NOT CUT LACE OFF FIRST. Measure ear to ear, cut to size, sew band on closure (unless all sew), put closure on head, pull forward in front of edges sew, sew anchor near ears, sew along back while making sure it doesn’t slide back, THEN carefully cut lace around forehead.

Tape- You CAN cut lace of first. Place tan cap on head (optional), pull forward, tuck edges under cap, sew or glue cap down, cut thick band off cap, (optional elastic band, recommended) clean skin with 90% alcohol, use skin protector, let dry, place NO SHINE tape on forehead (skin only) for length of frontal, pull frontal forward, place closure lightly on tape starting from middle, adjust if needed, press down hard or with rattail comb

Glue-Cut lace or leave on till later. Clean skin with alcohol, use skin protector, let dry, Place tan cap on head (optional but recommended), pull forward in front of edges, tuck edges in, glue down cap (on top or underneath cap, let dry, cut off thick band, glue again around edges of cap and on skin, pull fronal forward, press from middle then around edges.

My Mistakes!
-not leaving enough hair out to cover lace (if thin leave more)
-bulky braids on top of head
-leaving space in between where closure is sewn at and edges
-using too much thread, leaving knots
-wrong braid pattern (no “across” braids)
-plucking too much hair around edges then deciding to leave hair out
-cutting lace too close to hair
-putting foundation powder or coloring lace, if not leaving hair out
-elastic band too long